DubrazilBikinis is a swimwear brand that began its history in Brazil on the beaches of Florianópolis and Rio de Janeiro, the main Brazilian summer points since 2017. The DubrazilBikinis has become a reference in the Brazilian market, our pieces are attracting everyone's attention.

Currently we are present in the market through multi-brand stores, independent retailers and online store., We are proud to be a recognized brand on the beaches of Brazil. Besides Brazil and to be present on Europe's beaches as well.

Our pieces are carefully made with unique design, style, color and texture. Oriented for girls and women who are willing to wear bikinis in style. We aim a high quality of brand values, the production of high quality bikinis, using the best modern fabrics and modeling.

Designed to offer the Brazilian bikini, traditionally famous for its vibrant summer colors sensuality and modeling that values ​​women what is most beautiful.

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